Scientific symposia sponsored by the Scandinavian Society for Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine

The Management Committee of the Scandinavian Society of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine has decided to sponsor scientific symposia organised in the member countries on the following conditions. The symposia should be intended to stimulate Nordic science and collaboration.

  1. The symposium should have a focused scope within a field of Clinical Physiology and/or Nuclear Medicine.
  2. The symposium should be directed to an international audience, meaning that the language should be English and that invitations to participate should be extended at least to all member countries.
  3. The duration of the symposium should be at least two days.
  4. The principle organiser should be an ordinary member of one of the of the national member societies.
  5. The organising committee should comprise members from at least two member countries.
  6. The program should include invited lectures by scientists of high international standing as well as free communications (oral presentations or poster sessions).
  7. If possible, the symposium should generate CME credits.
  8. Abstracts of presentations should be made available for publication in the Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging.
  9. Sponsorship by the SSCPNM must be clearly visible at the symposium and in all printed material.
  10. A sum up to SEK 150 000 will be awarded to applications approved by the Management Committee. The support from the SSCPNM is primarily intended to be used for invited speakers and other fixed costs.


The principal organiser should submit an application containing the following information:

  • Scope (500-1 000 words)
  • Organising committee
  • Location
  • Tentative invited speakers
  • Tentative program

Applications should be sent to the chairman of the Management Committee ( or to another member of the Management Committee. Applications can be submitted at any time.

Planning grants

Planning grants of SEK 10 000 can be applied for. The following information should be given:

  • Scope
  • Names of principle organiser and one member of the organising committee from another member country.



Within six months of the symposium, the principle organiser should submit a report containing the following information:

  • Final program
  • Attendance, specified by country
  • Financial report, including other sources of finance